Garden Practices That Deter Outdoor Pests

 I spend so much time in my garden, and really take pride in how it looks. So I hate it when pests decide to come in and destroy my plants and growing vegetables pretty much overnight. It’s so annoying, but luckily I’ve found some great ways of preventing garden pests.I always believe in prevention more than the cure for a pest infestation. I don’t want to use chemicals around my plants and my garden, so opt for the more natural measures of keeping the pest population down.


Here I’m going to share with you the garden practices I use that deter outdoor pests.

 Build Healthy Soil

Soil is the life force of any garden. It’s how my plants and vegetables thrive and grow. So it’s great to know that healthier soil is actually better for the plants so they can withstand an attack from a pest. It’s really the most important pest prevention measure you can take.I love using my own compost and mulch to keep my soil nice and healthy, and make sure that any leaves are disposed of and the grass is cut. I also make sure that I rotate my plants every year – what I’ve planted in a certain spot this year will move again next year. It gives me a nice sense of variety and stops pests from chowing down on my begonias too!

 Attract The Good Bugs

Not all bugs are bad when they are in your garden. Many of them actually help your plants grow – and most importantly eat other pests.This is why I try and attract as many good predator insects as I can. My most favourite of them all are ladybirds – they truly are great at eating all of the pesky aphids off my green beans. The way I attract so many ladybirds to my garden is I plant lots carrots, parsley and coriander. Not only do these help me in the kitchen, but they’re also making ladybirds visit me more often and eating all of my garden destroying pests.

 Watching The Garden

Even in winter, I like to keep my eye on the garden. It’s lovely to see the first frost fall on the grass, and hearing that crunch under your feet. While I’m taking a look around, I pay particular attention to the leaves of my plants. This makes sure none of them have any insects on, and I can make sure no one is having a nibble while I’m not looking.Remember that you can always use mechanical pest control traps for your garden, but these can be a bit of an eyesore. Stick to all natural methods, and you’ll be deterring those outdoor pests in no time.